Cooling Management

Nordatec cooling management system integrates to existing cooling equipment:

The cooling management system consistently delivers a minimum of 20% savings on utility bills compared to the previous system, with a typical 30% reduction and a 3-month return on investment (ROI).
For staff accommodation, we offer a 20% savings money back guarantee.

This opportunity for substantial savings is particularly advantageous for staff accommodations, schools, and hotels.

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Improving air quality indoors

Transparent Installation

The system deploys without changes to your environment:
Keep existing cooling system (including Split AC, Cassette, FCU, Window AC).
Keep existing maintenance team – current maintenance team will keep the same equipment in the same way, probably better and with less work thanks to better information.
Keep existing user experience: users keep the same control and experience (remote, thermostat, panel etc).

Keep team on the same table

Actual building consumption and comfort data is available 24/7.
Complete organization, inside or outside the building, has access to same data and work together on the same issues.
See your savings and share the rewards for the good work.

Financial Saving Opportunities

Financial savings is typically 30% of the pre-retrofit consumption.
Manage your cost according to agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement) or contractual situation (including overdue tenant payments or reward) Temperature and Usage time management.



Contrary to legacy solutions, BMS-3000 and coil managers instruct, enforce and check to ensure that a specific temperature is actually reached. With ThermAssure you will never experience costly and challenging overcooling

3D Sense

This is the first system to expose consumption into actionable items: consumption in kWh, time used in hours and minute, temperature in *C. As a result your team detects the issues and takes the action to reduce consumption, step by step and room by room.


Stop running time-intensive and frustrating room visits. The Web-based panel of BMS-3000 allows your team to control the cooling in all rooms from the safety and comfort of the office. Save time and avoid potentially dangerous visits to rooms.

Leak Mapper

The feature analyses more than 700 data points per day for each AC unit using a big data computational engine. It measures in real time AC-units performance, alerts for maintenance needs & focused improvements action across the AC-fleet. Quick, focused response ensures optimal performance of AC-units.

Energy Efficiency IoT Solutions

As an Energy Service Company, we offer energy efficiency IoT solutions; that integrate machines and data analysis to accomplish the prerequisites for ultimate effectiveness.
Watch the video in which we present to you a set of our systems features.


Control your costs, Manage tenants comfort and ensure equipment is running optimally Keep your business running and ensure your team is aligned on the same targets.