Coil Manager for FCU


Connected module for Fan Coil Unit

LM-2100 integrates simply into existing Fan Coil Unit, either 2-wire or 3-wire actuator with minor installation procedure.
LM-2100 exposes the main controls of the FCU to a central management agent including BMS-3000 and APM-3200.

LM-2100 include the following benefits

Transparent LM-2100 respects the exist controls of the FCU :
– mechanical thermostat (such as T6373).
– electronic thermostat (such as T6861).
The end user experience is transparent and no change management is required.
Efficient Central Management of settings (including set-point) reduces the chilled water consumption.
Tamper Proof Coil Manager is not visible to the end user.
Tampering with coil manager to reach temperatures below set-point generates an alarm to supervisor.
LM-2100 generat es usage and performance KPI.
APM-3200 produces statistic which help remotely identify trouble such as major
consumers or inefficient units.
LM 2100 generat es KPI to a performance management APM 3200 which helps identify :
– over-consumption.
– fault, poor settings or fan issues.
Based on usage, APM-3200 can recommend preventive actions such as :
– filter or coil cleaning.
– anti-fungus disinfection.
– drain checks, fan checks.
Cost effective Existing equipment is re-used.
Fan Coil Unit with 2-wire or 3-wire actuator running on 220 V.
Compatible thermostat (vast majority of installed base) running on 220V
Coil Manager is not visible to the end user.


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Coil Manager for FCU

In case of error or loss of Wifi-connection, the local setting override the Coil Manager, ensuring that cooling process maintain ambient conditions.