Asset and performance manager


  • difficulty in managing or measuring AC-unit / FCU settings and reached temperature levels.
  • difficulty to evaluate the actual performance of the AC-units.
  • difficulty in manage/measure the electrical cost.

This leads to increased operating costs, discomfort and inadequate reactive maintenance for the site managers.
APM-3200 is an online Asset and Performance Manager for large fleets of AC or FCU units.
It is coupled to compatible AC Managers LM-2000 and LM-2100

APM-3200 BRINGS the following IMPROVEMENTS

Reliable AC-unit
Any performance issue in AC-unit will be noticed early, which gives a chance to take preventive measures before failure of the AC unit.
This results in improved comfort for users and better reactivity / forecast for maintenance team.
operating costs
The AC electrical consumption is optimized through several functionalities :
– temperature limiter : a base value prevents misuse and ensure a fair use among all users.
– use profile : the temperature setting according to profile / location ensures
that AC – units are used only when the location is used.
– performance monitoring : AC units are monitored for performance.
This ensure that low-performing units are detected early.
– improved compressor management : Savings conservatively reach 20%
a nd payback is less than 2 years.
APM 3200 collects the actual usage of AC-unit as well as information on AC-unit
performance. Web GUI can recommend predictive maintenance operations.
Indicators and related benefits include :
– electrical over-consumption notification before it impacts the bill.
– electrical abnormal consumption, indicating a probable fault in the compressor,
contactor or capacitor.
– temperatures in abnormal range, indicating a fault, poor settings or fan issues.
Based on usage, APM 3200 can recommend preventive actions such as :
– filter or coil cleaning.
– anti-fungus disinfection.
– compressor oil change, drain checks, fan checks.
The continuous performance monitoring of each individual AC-unit ensures
– health check of the AC unit.
– early detection of poorly performing AC-Units.
– triggering maintenance action without end-user intervention.
– detection of anomalies in the consumption profile.


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Asset and performance manager