Covid-19 Response


As we all know now, Covid-19 has been a very disruptive for habits of staff accommodation. The covid-19 is particularly stressing the staff accommodation as the facility, due to it’s nature, is scoring high on the all individual risk factors for spreading of virus (known as 3C)

  • Confined spaces
  • Crowds
  • Close Contact

May effective actions have been taken to reduce the risk for transmission, including the usage of face masks, regular cleaning and sanitization, informative action and close coordination with health authorities. Actions above has an effective action both for reducing exposure to viruses but also for the peace of mind of both staff, residents and tenants. However the learning from above reveal that 1) the sanitization and control action have a cost and that 2) such activities may need to continue although Covid-19 is slowly decreasing but the requirement for contamination control remain.

Here is how Nordatec can help you during this time:

This is not the right time for your staff to spend time in the corridors or the rooms to check the AC. We understand the staff can be spending time in the rooms to check

  • whether AC is running while it should not
  • check for the AC correct function and reached temperature

Instead using a remote AC management service from Nordatec solutions keeps your team safe. The coil managers report the temperature and can send instructions for switching on and off the split AC or FCU, without visiting the rooms.

This is a way to keep your team safe while still protecting the environment and your budget.

Regarding water, there is a way to reduce impact to Covid-19 with touch-less taps. This ensures that users do not need to touch the taps after washing the hands, thus preventing any exposure to virus. This will also save you water. You can contact us for an attractive offer on reducing your exposure to Covid-19.

Finally, although virus is spreading mainly through face to face contact, we are working on a solution to reduce the cost of sanitization and help ensure resilience against other viruses:

Automatic disinfection of the rooms with UVC-lights.

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