The Impact of Temperature Change on Energy Consumption


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We’re going to be sharing our concerns for energy and water savings as well as a number of tips on how to save energy and water.
This is a good deed for the environment and as you will see it is also a good way to save on your costs.
There are a lot of factors that impact the energy consumption, both static factors such as building itself but also dynamic such as end-user behavior.
However, here we’d like to address two of the main components that directly impacts energy consumption of all the buildings and that building owner can all work on:

  • The inside temperature
  • The cooling duration

The lower the requested temperature, the higher efforts is needed from the air conditioner to chill down the room. A low setpoint has several prejudicial impacts on you and your team:

  • Higher electrical / district cooling consumption
  • Higher stress on equipment
  • Longer time needed to reach target temperature

Measurements from the Emirates Green Business Council indicate that each degree in set point increase has a 9% reduction on the cooling bill. To take a concrete example, this means that a building with 200 rooms is typically consuming 610 000 AED/year in cooling. By raising the average set point with just 2 degrees, which does not significantly impact user comfort, the savings reach already 110 000 AED / year.

Regarding cooling duration, obviously the longer the room are cooled, the lower the average temperature and the higher the thermal losses from the building. Higher losses increase the total cooling consumption.
Many times, however the issue is that it is difficult to measure these three essential values: actual temperatures, running times and consumption used in 200 or more rooms and even more difficult to enforce such temperatures.
This is where the Nordatec tools can help you:

  • BMS-3000 allows you to enforce set points in connected Split AC, FCU, Window AC, Cassette AC. The Therm Assure feature will actually ensure that selected temperature is reached, monitored and checked.
  • APM-3200 includes 3D Sense feature: you can see the three factors actually impacting consumption.
  1. Reached temperatures (in degree C)
  2. Running time (in hours)
  3. Actual consumption in kWh

These tools are the easiest ways to know your current consumption and once situation is known take actions as a team to reduce your cooling costs:
See how you can

  • Know more about your current consumption
  • Manage and enforce settings in each room

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