How to implement energy-saving opportunities successfully for large facilities

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Manufacturing facilities and labor camps are among the biggest energy consumers and efforts to enhance energy efficiency are a growing concern in these industries. More and more executives and managers are starting to recognize that scaling back energy expenses can improve their business bottom line and lead to increased profitability. And many started to search for the right measures to implement saving opportunities successfully, particularly for energy and cooling systems, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems, and so on.

Here are some of our recommended procedures you can follow for observed energy-saving opportunities and successful application.

  1. Identify your opportunities

The first step to implement saving-energy opportunities successfully is to inspect your facility consumption and identify potential opportunities through research. For instance, by collecting data you may analyze a year’s worth of electricity and water utility bills and calculate the number of electric fixtures and appliances your facilities use and estimate saving feasibilities.

To help identily conservation measures, you can reach out to experts, that first will help in measurements and identify energy consuming devices, then will help you choose an optimum mix of efficiency measures and advanced technological appliances.

  1. Upgrade your Equipment and infrastructure

To successfully implement saving opportunities, maintaining your equipment in good working condition and your infrastructure in good shape, you will more likely be able to become more energy efficient.

Start by systematically searching for equipment in your facility that operates below optimal standards and replacing outdated them with updated and more efficient equipment. Moreover, poorly performing and leaking water fixtures can significantly increase consumption. Hence, for a successful implementation of saving opportunities, modifying and replacing your equipment and fixtures is a must.

  1. Invest in energy-saving solutions

Investing in IoT Solutions will facilitate the process of implementing successful saving opportunities.

These solutions will ensure you receive concrete usage KPIs along with analytics, which detects abnormal consumption and ensures alarming. With such Solutions, action can be taken early to correct issues before the total consumption value raises too high values.

Moreover, you will have solutions personalized and unique to your objectives and real-time full control over your equipment such as the air conditioning framework, similar functionalities you have in your Remote Controller, in addition to many others.

  1. Employee Buy-in

Educate and urge your employees to be energy-conscious and to share thoughts regarding applying optimal conserve practices. Employee involvement and contribution can make or break your organization or facility’s endeavors to moderate energy.

You can create a system of assigning “responsible parties” to be responsible for and to promote the best conservation practices within your institution. These employees would collaborate with all facility departments to encourage ideas and strategies – which will help to implement energy savings opportunities that will help reduce the overall consumption expenses.

Measurement data from meters, sensors and IOT devices contribute to awareness. Real time data is always accurate and ensure that all stakeholders are at the same table. it also enables a virtuous circle, ensuring that results of good practices are immediately rewarded. And rewards for good results ensure that good practices continue.

  1. Monitoring and modifying

Monitoring and verifying the performance of your implemented opportunities. This process is vital to measure the success of your efforts to deliver the targeted saving objectives, to help detect and fix any problem early on and detect other opportunities that could have been missed previously.

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