Why is water management important?

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Water, once more an abundant resource, is turning into a more valuable commodity because of droughts and overuse.

As per resources, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has some of the highest electricity and water consumption rates in the world.

This high and rapidly expanding demand for water and energy is due to the high temperature of the region that requires the constant use of air-conditioning systems throughout the year, and due to the development of the agricultural and industrial sectors which has increased the number of labor camps and residential buildings.

According to the AL Ain distribution company(J.S.C), The water consumption cost for commercial and industrial clients in Dubai and the Northern Emirates is about 11 AED per 1,000 liters.
Combined with high consumption rates; for instance in labor camps consumption they reach above 180 liters per person per day and are opting towards an estimated increase of 30%  in demand by 2030.

Henceforth, there is not only a rise in the risk of groundwater resource depletion and their sustainability for future generations but also in burdening companies in the Gulf region with unbearable financial expenses.

As an Energy Service Company, we present an advanced combination of water management solutions to our clients, tailored to their business objectives from preserving staff comfort, consumption cost reduction, ease of use to the optimal water utilization.

For labor camps precisely, The water fixtures are not fit for efficient bathroom usage. Unfortunately for labor camp users, bathrooms are designed for the lowest price of construction and to prevent theft, causing them to be both uncomfortable and water-intensive.

Hence, Nordatec’s unique solution is to modify or replace fixtures to improve comfort while reducing water consumption.

Secondly, leaks and performance degradation can rapidly increase consumption.

This is where real-time monitoring is key to detect the issues before they impact the bill.

Furthermore, shared data ensures that all stakeholders are engaged in the same strategic objective; that is the reduction of water consumption.

Overall, our solutions usually contribute to a 35% cost reduction by using new better fixtures, optimization of existing fixtures and leak detection and by the use of digital water and energy management systems.

To get an estimate for your facility water consumption you can access our Energy bill estimate.

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