What are the benefits of smart buildings for owners and tenants?

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Since the world is shifting digitally, everything became smart, from smartphones to education, and also smart buildings. A smart building makes all operations interconnected as one whole entity.

Hence what are the benefits of shifting towards smart buildings?

Benefits of Smart Buildings

  • Provide better environment

The digital shift is improving our communities. It establishes new ways to enhance our lives, boost our comfort, and deliver more security and safety.

A sustainable building is not just good financially and environmentally, but also more suitable to tenants.

A smart building and smart home guarantee a good experience for tenants or workers. They help in preserving tenants’ health and create better environments for them. They also improve air quality indoors and provide suitable cooling setups.

  • Predict potential issues

Almost everyone has faced a sudden blackout in their office or home. Yet a smart building helps facility managers to avoid any downtime.

For instance, data are used to detect potential problems before happening. Sensors manage equipment and measure performance to begin maintenance procedures only when needed. With a smart building, managers have fewer tasks to do and they primarily control an app, since the system will take care of everything by itself.

This leads to cost efficiency and smooth building operations while providing managers a specific insight into the building’s performance anytime thanks to the gathered data.

Furthermore, integrating technology into a building boosts its efficiency in energy and cost:

  • Energy Efficiency

Buildings in the UAE need huge amount of energy for cooling and air handling, particularly due to hot weather. The financial cost of operation is high and the significant carbon emissions related to poor efficiency harms the corporate social responsibility targets of the company.

Predictive maintenance generates data to determine how the units are used and how to drive operational strategy. For instance, if a smart detector detects people in a room, and turns off all lights, and adjusts the air conditioning to consume less energy.

  • Cost Efficiency

Many operations may become costly. For example, due to the excessive usage of air conditioning or lighting. However, smart technology systems ensure cost optimization. Systems can be set to run only during working hours so that they limit energy use in off-working hours, which is cost-saving.

How to make your building smart?

  • Find a reliable and trustworthy IoT partner in the field of smart solutions and facilities management.
  • Find a cost-effective solution that is both user-friendly and easily used.
  • Nordatec IoT solutions make legacy AC conditioner smart and allow the facility manager to monitor the building efficiently.


Smart buildings gather and analyze data to implement or suggest many effective strategies, which upscale the workplace through reducing energy consumption, boosting unit performance, and even preserving tenants’ health.

These are just a few of the benefits of smart buildings. A building owner only needs a reliable and trusted company to help him upscale his traditional building into a smart one and get the best out of their buildings.

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